One unique characteristic of bitcoin casinos is that it’s sometimes possible to invest in the bankroll. That basically means that you play the casino, and win when they win. As far as we know, you always have to pay a certain percentage of the winnings as fee, but in the long run, you’re bound to make profit. These casinos offer investments in their bankroll:


YoloDice offers investments in their bankroll for BTC, LTC and DOGE. You can invest with up to 10x leverage. Yolodice takes a 35% on all profits. In the long run, you win 0.65% of all wagered money.


Investing in crypto-game’s bankroll is possible with 11 different coins. They do not allow investing with leverage. Crypto-games takes a 30% cut on all profits, and a divestment fee if you invest for shorter than 21 days. 


Bustadice takes the smallest cut on winnings compared to the other two listed here: 25%. When investing however, 2% of your investment will be deducted, and distributed to all other investors. When other invest after you, you receive a share of that deduction as well.